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Are Gaming Chairs Worth it ?

If we Compare the normal chairs with the Gaming Chairs. Then this will not be justice for Gaming Chairs. Because these gaming chairs are a thousand times better than normal chairs or sofa.

They have some awesome features like Lumbar support, Footrest, and whatnot. And most important, these chairs take care of your posture which is a very common issue for young gamers nowadays. So, in my opinion, gaming chairs are really worth it.

I am really a big fan of gaming chairs as I have used many of them myself. I really know why they worth more than any simple chair. In this article, I’m going to disclose the secret that “Why gaming chairs are so expensive?” 

There are so many types of gaming chairs available in the market like Racing style chairs, Gaming chairs with footrest, Gaming chairs with lumbar support and I can go on.

Why most people love them is because they look cool. They think that having a gaming chair will enlighten their presence in the gaming world. Definitely, I will not deny the fact that you will perform better if you feel relaxed and concentrated, and gaming chairs help you to do so.

I am really an Xbox fan and using it since 2009. When I was playing Xbox games without a gaming chair, I felt so tired only in some hours. But the situation changed when I shifted to the best gaming chair compatible with Xbox.

But many of the newbie gamers don’t know that gaming chairs are far more than they think. 

Let’s have a look at some pros of Gaming chairs over normal ones.

Pros which tells why gaming chairs are soo Expensive

1. Cool designs to choose from

No one will deny the fact that gaming chairs look super awesome and make the gaming setup complete. If you are a hardcore gamer and you don’t have a gaming chair means no one is going to value your efforts. You must be presentable in front of your audience and gaming chairs solve this problem of yours.

These chairs are available in multiple colors, designs, and most loved is the special edition chairs as they give you a stunning look. The gaming chairs are designed in such a way to provide complete comfort to gamer and also to make them feel relaxed. 

Not only this, but these chairs are designed in such a way that they will support your back and never makes you feel back pain after long gaming hours, which I do the most of the time 🙂

There are so many designs available with so many specifications. As price increases, the comfort level increases too. So, there are many options for you to pick one.

2. Compatibility with your body size

There is a con in simple chairs that those chairs are made for a common weight guy means they are made in such a way to handle an average weighted guy. And if you are a big and tall guy then there comes a problem.

Gaming chairs are available in so many sizes so you can actually get the chair that will be compatible with your height and weight and never let your gaming excitement down and cheer it up.

I am a tall guy with 6 Ft’ height and when I was using a simple chair for PC gaming, at that time I was not able to concentrate on my game as it was really hard for me to play on a simple chair. But when I shifted to gaming chairs. I got a different experience which boosts me up and increases my in-game performance.

3. Footrest 

Here comes my favorite part, I really like to have a nap between my gaming sessions. I do it to relax my eyes. And it is not comfortable for anyone to sleep while your legs are hanging, so here comes the footrest option to support your legs and to make you feel so much relaxed.

These footrests can handle heavy legs easily, So, if you are a big and tall guy then you don’t have to worry about it. Not only this, the footrest is foldable, so you can easily unfold them when you want to relax and keep them folded when not in use. So, why not choose the gaming chair with a footrest.

4. Reclining

Reclining chairs are made to make you feel relaxed and to support small naps that you take while intense gaming hours. Most of the gamer choose these gaming chairs by comparing their reclining features as some chairs doesn’t have it. So, always check this before buying one for yourself. Some chairs recline to 30 degrees, some to 60 degrees and some premium ones can recline up-to 90 degrees too. It’s a must have feature that will support your back and doesn’t let your health to suffer anymore while playing games.

5) Lumbar Support

The lower portion of your backbone is really sensitive and it needs support while you sit for long hours on daily basis. So, to support your back, gaming chairs are equipped with Lumbar cushions. These cushions maintain your posture and make you feel relaxed. This is one of the most lovable features of gamers.


Gaming chairs provide you much more value than you can think of. Yes, It will cost you some more money but it’s definitely worth it. In short what I can say is that, In my opinion spending money on something that gives you comfort is always a good deal. In 2020, having a game chair is a great idea to follow your passion of gaming.