We are all fond of games, while some people desire to choose gaming as a profession via streaming live on YouTube and various platforms.

You can conspire the need for a good gaming experience for the fresh feel and a lightweight head for the fresh start of the next day for the restless day.

Especially for the people who are true blue gamers, it becomes more important to choose a perfect mouse in a budget-friendly form.

The gamers are always in need of a perfect mouse for smooth gaming and an experience worth cherishing every moment.

Demands are many for the desirable mouse that can aspire for the longer glitch-free gaming experience by your side and help you in hassle-free gaming for the months to come.

The need for the gaming mouse you desire is always understandable by us, so here we are bringing in front of you.

As we desire to give you the top 10 gaming mouse under 100$ for the precise gaming juncture:-

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Reviews of Best Gaming Mouse Under $100

1. Alienware Gaming Mouse

It is an iconic and advanced gaming mouse that enables the software that desires best for the gamers at such a price by which it becomes affordable and considerable.

The world of gaming has just become better with the AlienFX and 16.8M RGB lighting that helps in detecting your gaming upgrading to the next level.

The all-new alienate 510M gaming mouse for your move in an instant gaming mouse for the pleasure of ultra gaming and arrives with an optical sensor and Alienfx RGB 10 buttons.

It comes with the customize arsenal to instantly switch up your gameplay with the 10 buttons function for the controlled, crisp, tactile, click feel.

It can easily control the battlefield with great precision to combat and adjust the scroll wheel to allow you to switch from 12 to 24 scroll wheel with the revolution.

One can attack at the battlefield with deadly precision with this mouse, which has a native 16,000 DPI sensor inside for greater experience.

It comes in minimal size and maximum carnage with the lightweight, a great handle to grind, which makes it a great experience and feels comfortable for your hands.

The robust construction and premium finish for the exclusive look coverage. One cannot change the button layout, and the command center does not work properly.

It only supports the Windows 10 installed computer, which can make the use not so flexible. It is best for the people who love the comfortable gaming within range and it raises for longer hours in terms of duration.

2. Logitech G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The sleek design that is acquired with 15 programmable controls and equipped with 6 thumb buttons makes your investment worth every penny.

The Pro-grade 1MS lightspeed wireless mouse features not frequent allegations related to the cable not being properly working in the mice.

The dual connectivity toggle between pro-grade lightspeed and Bluetooth that has arrived for a great experience.

Our most accurate sensor with class-leading performance and power efficiency by 25K sensor.

One can opt for 240 hours of gaming in Lightspeed mode or up to 5.5 months in Bluetooth mode, and it is designed for subjectivity and great exposure.

The buttons cannot directly be assigned as the Logitech gaming software could pull it off for the better sense.

The keys can’t be assigned with modifiers, and it really wants you to use buttons to change DPI.

The software seems to have problems with saving the onboard memory.

These are the relevant bugs that need to be taken in action; otherwise, the mice are best for use in the gaming juncture.

3. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

The comfort performance sustains the tumble FPS/MOBA optical ergonomic gaming mouse with the backlit RGB LED for great gaming time.

The mouse comes with precise two set weights, and with the six mounting location offers 120 different weight and balanced configurations.

The weight adjustment between 119g and 141g and has a fine-tune balance for the perfect grip on your hands.

The comfort that contours shape that naturally fits your hands is what you desire from pro sports equipment.

The ten fully programmable buttons let you customize your gaming with the in-game advantage of powerful macros and key remaps for a better experience.

It is precise to hit all the skill shots and stay zeroed in on your targets with the custom pix art PMW3391 optical sensor, which adjusts in 1 DPI resolution steps.

The not so palm mouse as the surface is too smooth with no grip attached and the overextended peace sign primary buttons.

The settings do not persist once the 1 gig app is closed, and it cannot save the previous settings.

4. Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

One of the most promising gaming mouse G703 with the lightspeed with incredibly precise gameplay.

The 1:1 tracking, 400+IPS, and 100 to 25600 max DPI sensitivity range with zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration.

The battery is not a worried function because it will add continuous wireless charging while at play or rest. The system can be purchased separately.

The comfortable design meets advanced button technology for supreme comfort and crisp, clean clicks, which will help you play like a pro.

The mouse wheel is atrocious with a little stiff that you can press down, and it won’t scroll down.

The mouse is prone to a glitch of the software, which somehow the use becomes a difficult job.

5. Glorious Model O- Minus

As they claim to be the world’s largest RGB Gaming Mouse with honeycomb shell strength and comfort.

Honeycomb shell is the key to achieve a feather-light weight while maintaining ultra-durable strength.

The holes are nearly felt during the gameplay, but they provide ventilation to keep your palm cool and fresh to keep your game up to a point.

It comprises an ascended cord that is light and flexible as the proprietary braided cable is ultra-flexible with super lightweight inexperience.

The round edges that will never snag at your pad, so that your mouse will glide like ice and comes with a 0.81 mm thickness.

The 1000Hz polling rate less than 0.7 mm lifts off distance, which helps your pro-level experience more definitive and precise.

The mouse is delicate and sometimes prone to be broken quickly with rough and tough use, so invest wisely.

6. Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M

It has 16000 DPI optical sensors with a 350-hour rechargeable battery life and 7 buttons, and 3 zone Alienfx RGB lighting for a precise gaming experience.

One can keep connected when wired or not, and even while charging, it will give a high-end performance with a polling rate of 1000Hz to keep you on point.

It gives 350 hours of gameplay within a single charge of the lithium-Ion battery, and you can keep gaming fun for weeks.

The mouse has a very relevant issue of double-clicking after some months of use, which can be taken care of in the future.

7. Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB – MMO Gaming Mouse

The pro-RGB MMO gaming mouse ensures the feature like 16,000 DPI optical sensors and 12 programmable buttons for smooth use.

The 12 programmable buttons are perfect for custom macros, and key remaps.

There is a patented key slider side panel for a button cluster to comfortably fit your hands and grip, which gives a perfect comfort for gaming.

The custom Pixart sensor which is adjustable in 1 DPS steps for complete sensitivity and customization.

The software of rebound keys is unnecessarily complicated, and you must do your thorough research before buying any product.

The software has many glitches to fix, so it is recommended to buy the product accordingly.

8. ASUS Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for PC – ROG Gladius II

It is frequently said that it is designed for e-sports, and the design is a credit for every dominance that will allow you to play for longer hours smoothly.

The 16000 DPI optical sensor with 50G acceleration and 400 IPS adjustable optical sensors consists of a huge 50 million clicks for use.

The play wired can go for the wireless feature with 2.4Hz and Bluetooth connectivity.

The gaming battery life is 36 hours of RF mode and Bluetooth for 57 hours, helping you clarify your constant gaming range.

It has a push-fit socket design for great exposure with the Mayan inspired rubber gaps.

The personal style is redefined with a sync RGB lighting and effects across aura sync compatible devices, including chassis, Lighting strips, and SSDs.

There is no DPI switch light, so that you will have no idea of your profile, so it will be tricky for us to understand a bit.

9. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse has a hero sensor with 6 programmable buttons to make your gaming experience worth the time and to give you a powerplay gaming feel.

It gives you the experience of the powerplay and wireless charging for longer battery life, and compatible charging leads us to charge while or on the play.

The plus zero smoothings, Filtering, or acceleration for 10x efficiency GEN who needs more fun gaming experience.

The comfort, durability, and performance bring us a comfortable design and rubber side grips for comfortable gaming for longer hours.

The metal spring button tensioning keeps up with us the perfect grip we need, and the primary left to the right button is in less need to press, and more function is derived from the mouse.

The customize 16.8M colors with G hub gaming experience and can sync across the g gear.

It can randomly crash sometimes and keep resetting the DPI settings repeatedly, which can be a bit of annoyance.

The macros set up with the mouse will sometimes endlessly loop for no reason and can immediately end the task, which can be added in terms of glitch.

10. Mad Catz The Authentic R.A.T. 8+ Optical Gaming Mouse

The authentic gaming mouse, which helps build the experience more desirable for the gamers who want affordable experiences, can easily opt for this.

There are in total 11 programmable buttons for the control that makes your gaming experience worth every bit.

The adjustable DPI buttons will let you increase and decrease simultaneously up to 16,000.

The precision button instantly increases and decreases the sensitivity, which helps in the pro gaming experience.

An independent side scroll wheel is fully customizable within the included software giving you even more control.

The adjustable palm rest and pinky support, which help you with comfort and control.

The flux software will help you customize your settings with unlimited user-profiles and programming buttons.

A recommended mouse chords bungee if it bothers to drag as it will take its own sweet time to break.

The mouse’s feet can be better as it feels like with the use that it will break at any point in time.


Our first preference is always to recommend you do thorough research before purchasing.

There we have defined the top 10 best gaming mouse under 100 USD for you as per the market research and the real customers reviews after purchasing the product.

Irrespective of buying the Aliens or the last option Mad cats, the options will vary according to the pricing and use. Your mouse will define the number of sustainable months or years.

The DPI and sensor and the buttons can vary in the form of glitches as per the use.

It is still very much requested to go for a cordless mouse for the freehand experience and not so tight and effective gaming pleasure.

The price may vary according to your need, but we are here trying to represent the budget-friendly and good gaming mouse for your convenience.

It can be proactive for us to choose something for you amongst the top 10 that we have decided, so we let you understand the structure, and it’s up to you to choose it wisely.