💺11 Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall Gamers 2021 – [Upto 400 Lbs]

If you are a big and tall guy and looking for a suitable and durable gaming chair, we have got you covered here. We have listed 11 of the best gaming chair for big and tall people with all the standard adjustments and comfort.

Big gamers often find it challenging to find their ideal gaming chair, as not all gaming chairs are made for them. They should prefer only heavy-duty and durable gaming chairs. Most importantly, comfort should not be compromised while buying such gaming chairs.

Some heavy-duty gaming chairs may be quite expensive due to massive base and quality, but you don’t need to worry as we’ll make sure that your choice doesn’t go in vain.

Read on to choose the gaming chair that best suits you.

List of Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall Guys

1. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Gaming Chair

X Rocker gaming chairs are quite famous for their durability and design. It is one of the best gaming chair company that reigns over the market.

This X Rocker gaming chair is a leather lounging chair covered with vinyl and filled with high resilient foam. At first sight, it looks quite dynamic and comfy even for big gamers. It is also equipped with two forward-facing speakers and a power ported subwoofer that really intensifies the gaming experience.

Most importantly. It includes vibration motors, which will make you feel the in-game blasts and grenades. I loved this feature as it makes the chair worth the price. Cushioning is done decently, which feels quite comfy. The base is broad enough and sturdy, which increases stability.

The only disadvantage is that it is quite heavy. Though it is easy to assemble, it would be great if you have a gaming room. Moreover, the back feels a little stiff, but it was alright when I placed a pillow there. Feels excellent and ideal for long hours of gaming.

2. RESPAWN 900 Racing Gaming Chair

After some intense gaming hours, it felt really comfortable. It can be put together within a matter of minutes, and it also features a lever for leg rest for better comfort. The metal frame adds up to the stability of the chair and is of decent quality.

It also has a removable side pouch for your controllers, and it also features a cup-holder built into your left armrest, which proves to be very handy while gaming. It can be reclined up to 15 degrees along with the footrest.

It can easily bear up to 275 lbs of weight, and its segmented padding provides you a gaming experience full of comfort and solace.

Be sure to adjust the headrest as it may lay low for some people. At this price point, with all these features, the RESPAWN 900 proves to be one of the best choices.

3. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

AKRacing is another giant in the gaming chair industry. Their chairs are best known for their stability and quality.

The AKRacing Masters Series Gaming Chair comes with premium quality PU faux leather, which is easy to clean and is very comfortable. It also features an adjustable headrest and premium lumbar support pillows. It has a max weight capacity of 330 lbs and is equipped with an advanced mechanism with rocking function and lockable tilt positions anywhere up to 180 degrees. It’s a premium and high-end gaming chair, so no doubt, it is a bit expensive. But it gives you tons of features and comfort in return, which seriously turns to be worth it.

Though minor faults may be there, I didn’t notice any significant flaws in this gaming chair. At last, I would like to say that if you are under 300lbs, it is a perfect choice for you.

4. Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair

From the looks itself, the Blue Whale gaming chair looks decently stable and ideal for significant gamers. It is covered with premium quality PU leather and stuffed with high-density foam, which feels quite comfortable even when used for prolonged hours.

It features a USB massage lumbar support and 3D adjustable armrests made of aluminum alloy for enhanced comfort and relief. I liked this chair due to its impressive stability as it features an integrated metal frame. Besides, the backrest can be reclined up to 175 degrees, and it also has mute and smooth casters.

This chair can prove to be ideal even if you 300lbs+ as it can support a max of 400lbs, which is insane. I must say that the massage lumbar isn’t strong enough, but if you have some mild pain, then it can give some relief to you. Overall, this chair is excellent, with very little or no flaws at all.

5. Dowinx Gaming Chair

I guess you haven’t heard the brand name, Dowinx, but that’s not a reason to ignore it. Dowinx is known for their office as well as gaming chairs and their build quality.

This Dowinx Gaming Chair comes with high-quality leather and comfy padding. Padding can be improved, but it feels durable and seems to last for years. It also has a USM massage lumbar support, which can be useful for gamers who play for long hours.

It can bear a max of 350lbs of weight, and the backrest can be reclined up to 180 degrees. It is also paired with a retractable footrest, and believe or not; it feels great while having a nap. Head pillow and armrests seem to enhance the comfort of the chair. Though it is not much uncomfortable, it would be better if the leather would have been a little more breathy.

6. FantasyLab Big and Tall Gaming Chair

This ergonomically designed FantasyLab gaming chair can become yet another excellent choice if you are 300lbs+. It is also a well-recognized which produces gaming chairs at its best.

This gaming chair features memory foam padding on the previously existing seat cushion and is covered with high-quality leather for the best experience. The spongy surface of the chair feels exceptionally comfortable and seems to hug our body. It also has a removable padded head cushion and lumbar pillow so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Most importantly, it has a max weight capacity of 400lbs and can be reclined up to 175 degrees. Besides, it has tons of adjustments. Seat height, headrest, lumbar support, and armrests everything can be adjusted as per the needs. I just loved this about the FantasyLab gaming chairs.

Though the chair is a great match, but the footrest feels somewhat cheap and loose. It is acceptable as long as you are reclined, but it doesn’t feel much comfy while gaming.

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7. RESPAWN RAVEN Xi Gaming Chair

RESPAWN is a well-reputed manufacturer in the field of gaming chairs, and no doubt, their chairs are top-notch with comfort and a lot of adjustments. Though some flaws might be there, they produce fab chairs.

The RESPAWN RAVEN Xi gaming chair comes with decent quality vinyl and leather. It features a high backrest with segmented padding paired with comfy headrest so that your back doesn’t ache after gaming for hours. If you are a Fortnite fan, this chair is an excellent buy for you. It is also equipped with padded armrests and retractable footrest for a fantastic experience.

The weight capacity is only 275 lbs, so that’s a negative point for some. Assembling the chair might be a bit difficult as I didn’t receive the right screws, so you have to pay attention to that. Else it, it’s a fab buy for people below 275lbs who are a Fortnite fan.

8. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

The Homall Gaming Chair can be called a gaming sofa. What I love is its top-notch comfort, no problem if you play games for 6+ hours continuously, its comfort will not reduce.

This gaming chair is made with high-quality PU leather and high density and resilient foam, which proves to be extremely comfortable. You can recline this gaming chair up to 180 degrees along with the footrest for gaming, reading, or other leisure activities. If compared to an ordinary gaming chair, this chair seems to be bigger as well as softer.

One negative point is that it supports the max of 265lbs of weight. So, if you more than that, you have to find another gaming chair. Apart from its comfort, it is also equipped with a side pouch for your controllers. The headrest feels good when reclining. Overall, this chair is a good buy if you are under 265lbs and is considerate towards comfort.

9. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

Ficmax gaming chairs are also well known for their quality and comfort. If you are concerned about comfort and looks both, Ficmax can be your buy.

This gaming chair comes with dirt and fade resistant PU leather and high density and thick memory foam for more comfort. It is very stable and sturdy and features a decent quality metal framework and heavy-duty wheelbase. This feature makes this chair ideal for big and tall gamers.

It can hold a max of 300 lbs and can be reclined up to 180 degrees, which can be very comfy at leisure times. It also has a USB massage lumbar support, retractable footrest, adjustable armrests, and a large seat cushion. My only concern with this chair is that the lumbar massager support isn’t strong enough. Moreover, the armrests also feel a bit loose so take care of it while assembling the chair.

10. Marvel Avengers Gaming Recliner Chair

Are you the utmost fan of Marvel Avengers? Then this chair is exclusively made for you. Paired with skin-friendly soft PU leather and cold-cure memory foam, this chair proves to be very comfortable. It can be reclined and locked anywhere up to 180 degrees with a lever and has 3D polyurethane armrests, which feels great.

It is equipped with a 1.5mm steel framework with an anti-corrosive coating, which increases its stability substantially. I immensely loved this chair because it is available in the theme/color of several Avengers. Besides, it is relatively easy to put together.

The head and the lumbar pillows are easily adjustable even while gaming. It could be possible that some screws or parts may be missing from the box; if so, you can directly contact the manufacturer, and the parts will be sent to you. Overall, this chair is a must-buy for all Avengers’ Fans.

11. Nokaxus Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus gaming Chair comes with premium PU leather and resilient foam to play for extended hours without any discomfort. Seat height, armrests, and footrest can be easily adjusted as per the requirements.

It also has lumbar massager support, which feels remarkably strong. Assembling this chair isn’t an easy task, do read the manual for help. Moreover, the chair seems dynamic and enhances the beauty of the gaming room. It is ideal for gamers around 350lbs and is quite spacious and can be reclined to 180 degrees.

If you are concerned about security, don’t worry as Nokaxus chairs are strictly inspected and are carried out through numerous tests.


So these were the top 11 best Gaming Chair for big and tall gamers we selected. We hope that you have made your choice and are going to boost your gaming experience. If you are still confused about which one to choose, we suggest you go with RESPAWN or Dowinx Gaming Chair, and if you need an ultimate gaming chair that can last for years, AKRacing Masters Series will be a great choice. You Must Check This Awesome List Of Amazing Purple Gaming Chair

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