In today’s time, 1440p ultrawide gaming monitors are the preferable ones. Ultrawide monitors help the gamers to see more. Plus, the 1440p resolution plays an important role in making the game visuals more stunning. Even 1440p ultrawide monitors are preferred by both PC and Console gamers. So the question is, what is the best 1440p ultrawide gaming monitor one can buy?

Well, if you are looking for the same, then I can help you out. In this article, I will be talking about the best 1440p ultrawide monitors available in the market in today’s time.

So let’s just go ahead and check them out:

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Best 1440p Ultrawide Gaming Monitor List

10 Best 1440p Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review 2021

1. ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C

The ViewSonic ELITE XG350R-C comes with a massive 35-inch curved screen and stunning QHD 3440 x 1440 resolution. The gaming monitor is designed to offer an immersive viewing experience for eSports and gamers.

The best part is that it comes with an ergonomic design for gamers, which will be pretty helpful during long hours of gaming. Plus, the adjustable ergonomic stand can help you get the considerable swivel, pivot, tilt, and height adjustment.

Along with that, it comes with 100hz refresh rate. As a result, the monitor is capable of delivering smooth frame loading and awesome graphics.

Also, it features the VESA Adaptive-Sync connectivity. As a result, the monitor can easily synchronize the frame rate output between your graphics card and monitor.

What’s more? You are getting ClearMotion technology that utilizes the backlight strobing and drastically reduces image blur for clear visuals in fast-moving scenarios.

Key Features
  • Immersive 1800R Curved Screen.
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate.
  • AMD FreeSync Technology.
  • Low Input Lag for Fast Response Gameplay.

  • 22-Level Black Stabilization.
  • Comes with ClearMotion Technology for Reduced Image Blur.
  • Stunning image quality.
  • Only 100hz of refresh rate.

2. VIOTEK GNV34DB 34-Inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Next, I have the VIOTEK GNV34DB 34-Inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. This one is also the best 1440p ultrawide gaming monitor that comes with a resolution of 3440×1440.

The best part is that, it delivers 2.5 times the pixel density of a full-HD monitor. As a result, the images are ultra bright, extra crisp, and razor sharp.

Along with that, it comes with AMD FreeSync technology along with a refresh rate of 100Hz and 5ms response time. So you can enjoy flawless gameplay. Plus, it will reduce image distortion (stuttering, tearing, ghosting) during motion-heavy games. 

As well as the monitor offers you great viewing comfort by covering more fields of view. It comes with a 21:9 screen, so you can see more of your content.

Key Features
  • VESA compatibility.
  • Has an FPS/RTS display optimization.
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.

  • Significant contrast.
  • HDR support.
  • AMD Free Sync compatible.
  • The stand is not so strong.

3. Sceptre 35 Inch Curved UltraWide 21: 9 LED Creative Monitor

You can also have a look at the Sceptre 35 Inch Curved UltraWide 21: 9 LED Creative Monitor. This one is one of the best ultrawide ultra slim curved monitor 21: 9 that comes with a 35 inch screen.

The monitor is also backed by 100hz refresh rate. As a result, the image transitions will happen rapidly and smoothly. And help in reducing screen tearing.

Plus, it comes with a fast response time. As a result, while playing fast action games and watching action adventure movies, you will not see any ghosting and blurring issues.

Moreover, it is also backed by the AMD Free Sync with free Sync. So your game will be pretty smooth. As it will eliminate tearing and stuttering due to differences between a Graphics card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate.

Key Features
  • 3440 x 1440 resolution.
  • 1800R Curved Display.
  • Up to 100Hz Refresh Rate.

  • Fast response time
  • Comes with a tiltable display.
  • It can be wall mounted.
  • Lacks USB Ports.

4. Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Up next, I have the Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. This one comes with a screen solution of 3400 x 1440 pixels. And it has approximately 2.4 times the density of Full HD. Plus, the monitor delivers razor-sharp images.

Along with that, it comes with the picture-by-Picture (PBP) function that displays input from two sources side-by-side at their native resolution. This makes the monitor ideal for multi tasking.

For gaming, it comes with AMD FreeSync support. This helps in synchronizing the refresh rate of your graphics card and monitor to reduce image tear and stutter. Also, the low input lag mode minimizes the delay between mouse, keyboard or joystick.

Key Features
  • 34-inch ultrawide monitor with WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p).
  • Connect multiple input sources through HDMI ports and display ports.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.

  • Crisp image quality and high contrast ratio.
  • AMD FreeSync.
  • Plenty of screen space.
  • Tilt-only design.


If you are looking for a massive 49-inch display, then look no further, the SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA is here to assist you.

This one is a 49 inch super ultrawide dual QHD curved gaming monitor. The size is equivalent of dual 27-inch QHD displays side by side. Also, the 5120 x 1440 super ultra-wide aspect ratio lets you view content in superfine detail.

The best part is that it comes with 120 hertz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync 2 technology. So you can enjoy crisp HDR content display, reduced input latency, and low framerate compensation.

Along with that, it comes with the QLED technology. This delivers colors more-brighter and truer to life. Also, the best part is that the monitor is optimized for virtually any game genre, including FPS, RTS, RPG, and more.

Key Features
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync2.
  • Dual QHD Resolution.
  • HDR1000 & QLED.

  • Excellent SDR and HDR peak brightness.
  • Large screen size.
  • Good reflection handling.
  • Limited ergonomics due to the monitor’s size.

6. Dark Matter by Monoprice 34in Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

For my next pick, I have the Dark Matter by Monoprice 34in Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. This one features a huge 3440×1440 (UWQHD) resolution. Along with that, it comes with an ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio that provides 35 percent more desktop real estate than a traditional WQHD 16:9 display.

Along with that, the 1500R curvature only enhances immersion and reduces any potential eye strain. Plus, the best part is that it comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology.

So you can experience a blistering fast, tear-free gaming and entertainment experience. Plus, it features Samsung Quantum Dot Color technology that delivers a wider gamut of colors, as well as enhanced brightness and contrast.

Key Features
  • 3440X1440 (UWQHD) resolution.
  • VA panel technology with Quantum Dot Color.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.

  • Comes with 144hz refresh rate.
  • Offers you stunning picture quality.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Utilitarian design.

7. MSI Non-Glare Ultra Wide 21: 9 Aspect ratio 3440 X 1440 (Uwqhd)

The MSI Non-Glare Ultra Wide 21: 9 Aspect ratio 3440 X 1440 (Uwqhd) is also the best 1440p ultrawide gaming monitor.

This monitor comes with a 3440×1440 resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the latest AAA title games in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the monitor is also built with the AMD FreeSync technology. As a result, the monitor can easily match the display’s refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. So if you are playing competitive games, this will surely be helpful.

I addition to that, the monitor also features 100hz refresh rate. This will help in boosting up your gameplay and productivity by introducing more screen real estate.

Also, the monitor comes with a curved display panel that offers you a curvature rate of 1800R, which is the most comfortable and suitable for a wide range of applications, from general computing to gaming.

Key Features
  • 178 degres of viewing angle.
  • 100hz refresh rate.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.

  • Made for competitive gaming.
  • High contrast ratio and crisp image quality.
  • Zero ghosting.
  • No VESA mount and tilt-only design.

8. Nixeus EDG 34” Ultrawide 3440 x 1440 Gaming Monitor

The Nixeus EDG 34” is also the best 1440p ultrawide gaming monitor that you can buy. This one features a 34 inch screen and comes with 21: 9 Aspect Ratio with 3440 x 1440 Resolution. Also, you are getting a 1500R Curved LED Backlight Display.

The best part of the monitor is that it features 144Hz native refresh rate, which is only achievable via the Display Port. Also, it features the AMD Radeon FreeSync with the additional support for Nvidia G-Sync with the latest Nvidia G-Sync compatible drivers (on DisplayPort input).

The monitor also offers you a response time of 1ms which will help you to get a smoother gameplay experience.

Also, this one comes with a base tilt only. But the good part is that the stand can be removed and you can install an included VESA 75mm x 75mm plate for custom VESA Stand Mounting.

Key Features
  • 34 inch with 21: 9 Aspect Ratio 3440 x 1440 Resolution.
  • Native 144Hz Refresh Rate.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium.

  • Made for competitive gaming.
  • Offers you stunning visuals.
  • 144hz refresh rate for lag free gaming.
  • The NX-EDG34S comes with a base tilt only.

9. Asus VP348QGL 34” Ultra-Wide Freesync HDR Gaming Monitor

Next, I have the ASUS VP348QGL gaming monitor. This one features a 34-inch UWQHD (3440 x 1440) 21:9 aspect ratio screen and comes with a wide viewing angle. The monitor is designed to deliver an immersive viewing experience.

Moreover, the monitor also comes with 75Hz refresh rate with Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync technology. This helps in eliminating screen tearing and choppy frame rates for even more seamlessly smooth gameplay.

Along with that, you are also getting the ASUS Eye Care technology which ensures a comfortable viewing experience. Plus, you are getting Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP), enabling multiple content sources to enhance productivity.

Moreover, you can also choose from multiple HDR modes in order to adjust monitor HDR performance based on the current scenario.

Also, the monitor features the ASUS Shadow Boost technology. This helps in clarifying the dark areas of the game world without overexposing the brighter areas.

Key Features
  • 34-inch UWQHD (3440 x 1440) 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • VividPixel Technology for Best Picture Quality.
  • Multiple HDR-10 Modes for Lifelike Visuals.

  • Ability to choose from multiple HDR Modes.
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync.
  • Shadow boost and flicker-free technology.
  • 75hz refresh rate only.

10. Asus TUF Gaming VG32VQ 32” Curved HDR Monitor

In the end, I have the Asus TUF Gaming VG32VQ 32” Curved HDR Monitor. This one comes with a 32” curved screen with 1800R. Plus, it offers you 3440 x 1440 resolution and comes with 21: 9 1800R curved monitor.

Plus, the monitor is designed in a way that it delivers stunning visuals from all angles. As a result, you will be getting great comfort.

In addition to that, you will be getting fast 100Hz refresh rate. This ensures that in the fast paced games, the visuals are looking stunning, and you are getting smooth gameplay without any lags.

Plus, the monitor features Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, which achieves 1ms MPRT to eliminate smearing and motion blur, and makes objects in motion look sharper, so gameplay is more fluid and responsive.

Also, the flicker free technology helps in reducing flicker and minimizes eyestrain for improved comfort when you’re embroiled in long gaming sessions.

Key Features
  • 32-inch WQHD (3440 X 1440) panel.
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate.
  • SUS-exclusive Extreme Low Motion Blur technology.

  • Has rich connectivity options.
  • Offers you accurate visuals from all angles.
  • Comes with Shadow BoostShadow Boost technology.
  • Pricey.

Closing Words:

So that was a list of the best 1440p ultrawide gaming monitor. Now go ahead and check these ultrawide monitors out and see which one is working for you. Also, if there is anything you would like to ask, then do feel free to drop a comment below, and I will help you out.